Raison AM is the company created to provide financial services for investors in Western and Eastern Europe and CIS countries.

As the basis for the creation of the company has served financial department of the manufacturing company Hong Kong Yinwa Group, which decided in 2010 to allocate available funds for the purchase of securities. In February 2014 the part of the business of Hongkong Yinwa Group was bought out by management together with a group of Russian investors, which delinked financial division into a separate company and took a decision on necessity to develop the investment business based on elobarations and special programs for asset management of Yinwa Group. A key decision was teh development of entry strategy outside the PRC. In November 2014 the company launched the first speculative closed-end fund under the management of the financial specialists team.

In early 2015 the shareholders decided to start the project of creation of the International licensed asset management company under the leadership of the Russian partner. The main task in the organization of the asset management company was to create a transparent and regulated structure which will lead the company on the same level with the existing players of the European market of hedge funds asset management and investment advisory. To adapt the strategies of the asset management in January 2015 the company launched the second closed-end incubation fund with the tasks todevelope and maintaining relationships with international financial institutions which will be used to build high-quality infrastructure of asset management.

In October 2015 year Raison AM was licensed to manage all the types of investment funds. In the same year with the efforts of the Russian specialists of the financial market with the support of their foreign colleagues the first operational office in Moscow was opened.