Element ONE

ISIN Number: VGG299771086
Issue Description: USD CL B SHS

SP 500 showed an increase of 3.4%, exceeding the figure of 3150 points, in November the Element ONE fund overtook the index and showed a yield of 4.23%. The price of the fund’s unit at the end of the month reached $ 1,652.91.

Against the backdrop of external positive, gold fell by more than 3% and closed the month at around $ 1,463.

On November 2, US employment data was released, showing 128,000 new jobs created in October 2019, with expectations of 89,000.

On November 7, news came from the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC on arrangements for a proportional reduction in tariffs by the United States and China.

On November 14, German GDP data for the 3rd quarter of 2019 were published, showing an increase of 0.1%. Q3 results were better than expected, but there is still a recession in the industrial sector.

On November 27, US GDP data for the 3rd quarter were published. The growth made up to 2.1% and turned out to be slightly higher than expected, in addition, the demand for means of production increased quiet strongly + 1.2%, with expectations of -0.3%.

According to the monthly results, the best returns in the portfolio were shown by the shares of Docusign (Nasdaq: DOCU). In November, the company increased its capitalization by 7.58%. The company has been providing electronic document management services since 2003, has more than 500,000 paid users, and shows a steady growing revenue. In the latest quarterly report, the company showed an increase of 40% compared to the 3rd quarter of 2018.


Issuer: RAM Data Technologies INVT LTD
CUSIP Number: G7369L 106
ISIN Number: VGG7369L1067
Issue Description: EUR CL C SHS

After unceasing growth and reaching a maximum value of Bitcoin mining difficulty by the end of November, this indicator began to decline and returned to the level of early October. Nevertheless, the exchange rate plummeted the whole November finally stopping at €6 875 mark ( with €8 282 at the start of the month).

By the end of the moth ETH exchange rate made up to €138 with a value of €164 at the beginning of the month. At the same time, the complexity of the network increased only by 2,5%. With indicators like this the fund showed logical decline, but only for little more than 1%, however we look positively in the future. The stock price, taking into account the accumulated coupon at the end of the month, amounted to € 970.25.

After the May halving of Bitcoin, we, like many industry experts expect an increase in the price of the currency. In our opinion, ome even make a too bold forecasts for the cost of BTC. Thus, Anthony Pompliano, the founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, said that after halving Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000, though not immediately, but by the end of 2021. According to Pompliano, Bitcoin entered a two-year growth phase, however the coin's volatility in this period can reach up to 30%.