Corporate events

Threesixty Elements S.A. and RAISON Asset Management congratulate you on Christmas and New Year holidays! We wish you a great year with excellent health and new experiences! Let the year 2019 be even more successful and exciting. Make plans and achieve goals. We are with you, Always!

It is customary to reflect on the past year, 2018 was a testing year for the cryptocurrency industry with risky investments. We expect the investment activities to thrive this year after Raison progression through the stage of development with market regulated infrastructure.

We have released a unique platform RAISON.AI for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies with a European authorization, receiving recognition from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, and an invitation from the European Commission to include RAISON in the register of European investment projects.

Keeping in mind the classic investment tools as well, in 2018, we launched a new fund to invest in shares of companies at the pre-IPO stage, modernized the IT infrastructure for asset management, and also began to use artificial intelligence technologies to assess market sentiment. We are very proud to have implemented all our plans for last year. For 2019, we have even more ambitious goals and objectives, and we will provide our customers with unique, super-convenient solutions for complex work and financing.

Follow our feed for new announcements! Thank you for being with us and for your trust.
Mining.VG fund has received the international identification codes ISIN and CFI, as well as North American identification code CUSIP. These international codes are intended for application in trading and asset management and accounting and constitute essential identifiers and characteristics for clearing and settlement purposes. International codes allocated to financial instruments increase effectiveness, reliability, quality, and transparency of our fund’s financial transactions and ensure that the details of such transactions are consistent across different systems.
Due to the change in the nomination of the fund's shares in EUR and the name of RAM Data Technologies Investment (formerly Element Blockchain Mining and Research Investment), it is necessary to apply an additional reconciliation of the assets that provide the operating activities of the fund, as well as the reconciliation of balances, which will affect the transfer calculation of the net asset value until August 10 inclusively. The calculation will reflect the value of assets on the last business day.
Threesixty Elements S.A. joined the discussion of the future of the digital economy in the framework of the plenary session «Digital cooperation» on June 7, in Innopolis, Kazan. Director of corporate strategies of the company Aleksandr Zaitsev spoke about the projects that need to use ICO. Among other things, the influence of the "big-date" technology on the everyday life of people was discussed.
Dear Clients!

Due to the process of updating our company's software, calculation of the value of shares of the funds for December 2017 has been rescheduled, to be submitted shortly. We would like to mention that all our current activities are aimed at improving the service of our company and are carried out in the interests of our customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused!