Preferred shares like bonds have a number similar specific to both instruments have advantages. Almost always are guaranteed some income for the owner of the preference stocks. The funds allocated for payment of dividends to the holders of such securities on a priority basis holder of such shares de jure - the co-owner of the company. Despite the fact that the holder of such valuable documents has no right of vote he can take part in stock conference to pretend on the half of the property in liquidity of cooperation.

The bond is a security content which is an agreement according to which the issuer undertakes to return to the investor the sum occupied him and also to pay percent during certain time.

Separately possible to allocate euroband.The issuers to issue Eurobonds for getting money in foreign markets. These bonds are nominated in a foreign currency in the relation to the borrower. Many Russian companies and the Ministry of Finance issued Eurobonds in foreign markets nominated in US dollars.