Commodity markets are a set of commodity markets, directly shaping the conditions of their purchase and sale based on the development of international division of labor. They turn the energy, mining, industrial, agricultural, forest products.

In particular kind of stands out a raw market vegetable origin.

The main factors of influence on any commodity market are present in the commodities market, but it also has a number of specific features. A significant role in shaping the market conditions of this market is speculation, which is understood as the acquisition of the product for the purpose of its resale and receive special (speculative) profits resulting from the growth of market prices (or fall) in the period between acquisition and sale. Because of its natural properties of the raw material is "comfortable" with the object of speculative transactions as at commodity exchanges and outside of them.

The specificity of the global commodity market is reflected in a number of characteristics: less dynamic overall development of this market in comparison with the market of finished commodities; usually very high concentrations of the proposal of most of the raw materials in a limited number of countries;
often unstable, and in many cases very contradictory behavior of the market; the volatility and often sharp fluctuations; high market dependence on natural geographic factors, and the commodity market of vegetable origin - from climate and weather conditions; significant role long-term contracts in the international trade of many kinds of mineral raw materials and fuel.