To wade through the innumerable investment opportunities is not an easy matter, often overwhelming without an appropriate knowledge and experience. History shows that sometimes making a self-decision, even being absolutely sure in its implementation, can produce reverse incentive results. In order not to make a wrong choice, we recommend you to take an advantage of a market insider’s support. However, even though you’re a professional at investing in non-public companies, a professional adviser’ support will let you make a more balanced decision based on a wider view a market.

We can offer a few options for cooperation:
1. We have a potential of buying companies on pre-IPO market for you. 
2. You can invest in our fund managed by a professional team.

Our specialists are always ready to advise you on investing in innovative companies. Consulting is accomplished by a company lisenced by US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Additional information about other opportunities of investment in innovative companies will be available after investor’s qualification confirmation. To confirm your qualification you need to fill in a Customer Identification and Information Access Request Form.