Raison AM is a registered investment adviser. It means that we have the right to carry on external asset management ("EAM") practices. EAM is a tripartite operational model framework of asset management, by which an independent wealth manager licensed by the regulatory authorities is appointed to manage the client's funds in an account of a designated international private bank or well-known brokerage company and provide portfolio management services individually in the name and interests of the client. Being charged with the responsibility of the funds settlement in terms of deposits and withdrawals, the private bank acts as custodian to ensure the safety of the funds.

EAM has several benefits:
  • • Independent from any private banks or financial institutions, the wealth manager is free from any pressure to promote products of vested interests, and thus can always focus on the interest of clients.
  • • Diversified investment platform covering financial products and strategies worldwide to achieve promising long-term investment performance.
  • • Personalized services and customized strategy can meet the specific needs and match the risk profile of clients to maximize returns.

We can offer you managed accounts within well known and recognized financial institutes in US, Europe and Russia. Among them are Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank in Germany, Interactive Brokers in US, Otkritie Capital International Limited in UK and Otkritie Broker in Russia.

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