Raison AM is limited in offering its services only to the customers with sufficient investing experience and knowledge to weigh the risks and merits of an investment opportunity. If you need any in-depth additional information please fill and sign the Customer Identification (CI-IAR) Form for the compliance procedures. If we deem your qualifications sufficient we will provide you with an access to additional information.

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We can offer you the following products which are managed within our own investment infrastructure: 

Hedge Funds

Private Equity Funds

Structured Notes

The use of Raison AM investment infrastructure by our clients is an affordable, transparent and inexpensive way to invest. Investments in funds and other instruments managed from a single platform provide the clients with a wide range of passive investment advantages.

• Purchase of investment funds and other pooled instruments results in accumulating significant investment reserves that allow investors to take advantage of big capital – gain access to any market and instrument, including those that were previously available only to professional and/or institutional investors. Internal platform is the opportunity to use wider diversification – a direct result of having access to any market or instrument.
• Our own infrastructure implies selection and testing of each provider of financial and investment services in the market. We adjust the processes of interaction with our partners and contractors over the years. Internal platform is always perfectly smoothly running mechanisms of interaction between all parties involved in the investment processes. This ensures execution of the application at maximum speed without delays between making an investment decision and its implementation.
• An important advantage of big capital is the opportunity to get more favorable terms from providers of financial services compared to the broad market, allowing to significantly reduce costs associated with the purchase and sale of securities and their servicing. And ultimately it positively affects the result achieved.

Eventually, the use of our own infrastructure allows our clients to have a positive synergistic effect from smoothly running interaction processes, advantages of big capital and the quality of the manager’s work, which is an undeniable competitive advantage over discretionary trading.